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Digital Literacy

Internet Safety

Internet Safety
Something to Think About

How could we live without the Internet? That's how most of us keep in touch with friends, find information, research a cool place to visit, or find out the latest news.

But besides the millions of sites to visit and things to do, the Internet offers lots of ways to waste time — and even get into trouble. And just as in the non-cyber world, some people you encounter online might try to take advantage of you — financially or physically.

You've probably heard stories about people who get into trouble in chat rooms. Chat rooms often attract people who are interested in more than just chatting, because users can easily remain anonymous. They'll sometimes ask visitors for information about themselves, their families, or where they live — information that you shouldn't give away.

Usually, the people who request personal information like home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses use this information to fill mailboxes and answering machines with advertisements. In some cases, though, predators may use this information to begin illegal or indecent relationships or to harm a person's or family's well-being.

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