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Digital Literacy

Internet Safety

Social Networking Safety Tips for Parents & Educators

Don't panic!

Here are some other tips:

  • Talk to your family or learners about what is appropriate and not appropriate information to release on the Internet. Take an active role in their digital life.
  • Talk about the implications “lifecasting” can and will have on their future.
  • Remind your family or learners that the web is that "permanent record" we were all warned about. Even though you go back and change that blog entry or delete that embarrassing photo, the information is archived on the Internet Archive/Wayback Machine.
  • Whether it's Club Penguin, MyYearbook or Facebook – make sure your family or learners learn how and why they should use privacy filters – and then double check to make sure they are using them.
  • Visit the sites your family or learners use and read the Terms of Service (TOS) and/or Community Guidelines. Learn how to report abuse and share the information with your family or learners.
  • Social networks are self-policing. If you find objectionable content, bullying or other abuse—report it!

Check out BNetS@vvy Tools for Adults to Help Kids Connect Safely

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