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The NWT Literacy Council is a territorial-wide organization that supports and promotes literacy in all official languages of the NWT. Aboriginal language development and literacy has been an important part of the programs and services we deliver. Since 1994, we have worked in partnership with individuals and organizations involved in Aboriginal language development and revitalization. Our work includes:

  • delivery of Aboriginal language writing workshops;
  • publishing of Aboriginal language books in Inuktitut, Dogrib, Innuinnaqtun, Chipewyan, and South Slavey;
  • researching a promotional and support strategy for Aboriginal languages in the NWT;
  • and promotion of Aboriginal languages in print and on radio and television.

Over the past year, Aboriginal language communities have assumed more control over the resources and direction of Aboriginal language development, enhancement and revitalization efforts. This is a very positive development and has the potential to create new language strategies that involve entire communities – including families, schools, and community organizations.

Languages of the Land was developed as a resource manual for individuals and community groups interested in Aboriginal language development work. The resource manual has three purposes:

  1. to provide background information on language development issues and the status of Aboriginal languages in the NWT;
  2. to share strategies for community-based planning for language development activities and projects; and
  3. to provide information on the resources available to support local Aboriginal language work.

We hope you find Languages of the Land useful in your work, and we welcome any feedback you may have.

Thank you

A steering committee was involved in the development of this resource manual. The NWT Literacy Council would like to thank those members of the committee who volunteered their time to this project:

  • Alestine Andre
  • Joanne Barnaby
  • Elizabeth Biscaye
  • Rosa Mantla
  • Andy Norwegian

Gwich'in Social and Cultural Institute
Dene Cultural Institute
Native Communications Society
Elizabeth Mackenzie Elementary School
Deh Cho Divisional Education Council

The drawings used in this manual were selected from a number of submissions by students at the J.B.T. Elementary School in Fort Smith, the Elizabeth Mackenzie Elementary School in Rae-Edzo, and Princess Alexandra School in Hay River. The photos were made available from the NWT Archives.

Cate Sills, Executive Director
NWT Literacy Council
Yellowknife, NT

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