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Strategic Planning Steps and Questions
In order to develop an effective local strategy for the retention and revitalization of an Aboriginal language, a number of basic planning steps must take place and a number of basic strategic questions must be addressed. These questions should be posed during a community planning session. Even if the planning group is small, a strategic plan can be developed and implemented.

Step 1
The first step is to assess the status of the language within your community and the region you live in. The questions that need to be asked in this regard are:

  • Is the traditional language of this area flourishing, enduring, declining, obsolete, or extinct? (Use the Language Assessment Chart provided in this manual)
  • In what situations is the traditional language still used as the primary language – home, community events, meetings, on the land, etc.?
  • In what situations is English used as the primary language? What programs and/or services are already being provided in the traditional language?
  • Are there local policies in place to support and encourage greater use of the traditional language?
  • What are the local attitudes toward the traditional language?

Aboriginal woman and several children
Barb Cameron, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, GNWT

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