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At the present time in the Northwest Territories, there are only a few sources of funding for Aboriginal language projects and activities.

Government of the Northwest Territories

The Government of the Northwest Territories provides direct funding for Aboriginal language activities from its own Education, Culture, and Employment (ECE) budget and also administers funding received through the "Canada – NWT Cooperation Agreement for French and Aboriginal Languages".

During the 1998/99 fiscal year, the following Aboriginal language allocations were made.

Activity Funding Recipient Funding
98/99 Amount

Aboriginal languages instruction in schools: teacher salaries, texts, materials, etc. Divisional Education Councils (7) GNWT Schools Budget $1.6 million

Teaching and Learning Centres Divisional Education Councils (7) Canada - NWT Cooperation Agreement $500,000

Language Planning Aboriginal language Communities via Regional Councils GNWT -ECE funds from Language Bureau $350,000

Various: teacher training, I/T training, broadcasting, literacy and language enhancement. Communication Societies, Aurora College, communities Canada-GNWT Cooperation Agreement $1.4 million

During the 1999/2000 and subsequent fiscal years, these amounts will change. The GNWT will be routing more money though the Aboriginal language communities (again via regional Tribal Councils) and less through departmental language programs.

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