The strategy lists the NWT Literacy Council as a resource for Aboriginal language programs. When ECE launched the strategy, the Minister announced that $2 million was available to support implementation. We do not know, however, if this is new money, or money reallocated from other programs.

The GNWT's current strategies are linked, but the fact that each has its own document and funding tends to indicate a fractured, rather than a holistic, approach to language and literacy issues. Many people in communities are unaware of the initiatives. Others are confused about them, particularly about where to go for funding for language activities.

4.4 Aboriginal language communities' plans

As part of the process of transferring responsibility for languages from the GNWT, each Aboriginal language community had to develop a multi–year language plan to revitalize its language. The plans are specific to each language group. Literacy Council staff members helped some groups with the planning process. Language communities are now implementing these plans.

As part of this project, we reviewed the plans to become familiar with the language groups' goals and priorities, and to try to find areas of overlap between their work and ours before we met with them. Each had a vision, goals and specific actions to support their language. We have highlighted the vision and the goals from each plan.