None of the issues that people discussed is new, but they are important to people. They are all areas where people feel they need some kind of support.

People appreciate the work we have already done to support Aboriginal literacy. We received overwhelming support to continue to be involved in this work, and perhaps to play a larger role, with one caution: we cannot sit in Yellowknife and make decisions on our own about Aboriginal literacy issues and work. People want us involved, but want to work with us and be part of the decision–making processes.


6.0 Developing a Framework for Supporting Aboriginal Literacy

Before we can redefine our role, we need to separate the tasks into those we already do, that we can continue or enhance, and those that require a longer–term approach and more fundamental change. We also need to look at the capacity of our organization, which we can do by examining our strengths and challenges.

6.1 Our strengths and challenges

We have a number of strengths we bring to our work.

  1. Our commitment to literacy—Since 1989, the NWT Literacy Council has supported literacy development throughout the north.
    • We have been strong advocates for literacy.
    • We have been involved in many literacy initiatives.
    • We were invited to participate in the review of the Official Languages Act because of our commitment to languages and literacy.