Appendix B

Supporting Aboriginal Literacy in the NWT

Consultation Questions

  1. What do you think the NWT Literacy Council does? Are you aware of all the services we offer?
  2. What are your priorities for your language? What areas are you currently working on? Do you use the standardized Dene orthography in written materials?
  3. Is there any common ground between the work of the NWT Literacy Council and your work?
  4. What do the words 'literacy' and 'family literacy' mean to you from an Aboriginal perspective? What is Aboriginal literacy?
  5. What are some of the traditional ways in which Aboriginal literacy was taught?
  6. What different forms of oral literacy were used/could be used in promoting Aboriginal literacy?
  7. How can oral literacy approaches and written literacy co–exist to support each other?
  8. What do you have in place to support literacy development eg. skills development, training, tools? What more do you need to help you?
  9. Do you see a role for the Literacy Council in promoting the use of Aboriginal languages/Aboriginal literacy? What would it be? What might the key messages be in promoting the use of Aboriginal languages?
  10. What about in training? (proposal writing/teaching methodologies …)
  11. What about in resource development?
  12. What about in research?
  13. Are there any other areas where the Literacy Council might be able to support you?