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Adult Learner Stories

International Adult Learner Week – April 2-9, 2011
Thanks to the learners who submitted their stories for publication!

What makes a strong woman leader?

by Adult Learner, NWT

When I look at People and see what life has for them and how they deal with it, for example the Residential Schools.  Some people have made it in life and some of them just drink their life away to bury their pain.  Some have worked so hard in life to not drink and have made a better life for themselves and their families.  I view strength in women who have the following qualities and I also look up to them:

They are the ones that are fighting cancer, working so hard and standing up for themselves.  They are the ones that are single Moms that are finishing school.  They are women that have been abused and have made their voices heard when life was so difficult.  These women still have faith to move further in life.

The examples of women that are strong and leaders in the community and throughout my life also show respect for all people they meet.  This is the way they are so well respected.  Respect is a two way street.

For example, Sister Celeste who loved and accepted people good or bad.  She opened and dedicated herself to the preschool and the community for years.  Sister Celeste continues this dedicated for the loved ones.  Leader Ship and strength also means having a positive impact on others, like Sister Celeste.  She would take in children while parents were out drinking, and loved them when these Children need it the most.

There are many women that I have looked up to and still look to for strength and leadership.

Throughout my life:

  • Women who have lost their husbands and have raised their Children on their own.
  • Women that have looked after their families and have made sacrifices for their families, but have forgotten to care for themselves.
  • Women that have disabilities still achieve their goals and stand up for what is right.
  • Women that have had to be mothers to their siblings while they themselves were still children and stilled worked to achieve their goals.

Adult Learner Stories