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Adult Learner Stories

International Adult Learner Week – April 2-9, 2011
Thanks to the learners who submitted their stories for publication!

Why I need a plan

by Wesley Grossetete

A new world opened around me when I turned 19 years old.  I talked to many different people, some people knew me, others didn’t know who I was.  As I grew older, the world I knew before I was 19 faded away, normal situations I went through seemed more complicated and sophisticated.

            The first time I tried alcohol, it tasted like bad water, I heard many different stories about alcohol related situations, by my friends and fellow students.  Some stories were serious, others were funny.  When I was at a party and my friends were leaving, I jumped off my friend’s deck and sprained my ankle.  I was drunk but the only memory I have is pain.  Ever since then I taught myself to be more careful, not to do things that can lead to personal injury.

            Drinking alcohol seemed fun when I was a minor, until the day came when I was charged with supplying minors.  Then it suddenly hit me.  Everything I did from now on, will stick with me for the rest of my life.  Girls come and go and I found myself dealing with childish situations, saying to myself, “What the hell do I want?” So a new outlook on life is what I’ve been searching for.  Going back to school is helping me get to this hard to reach destination.

Adult Learner Stories