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Deninu Kue Justice Committee

graphic: a judge's gavelJustice Committee:

  • Terri Villeneuve/ Spokesperson
  • Lily Mandeville/ Member
  • Edward Mckay/ Member
  • Pete King/ Member
  • Faye Aviugana, Community Justice Coordinator who works with the community and committee members.

New ways and ideas of bringing people together to work towards healthier and safer communities, diversion sanctions and methods to prevent crime have volunteers on justice committees. The work preformed by the community justice committees is exciting, and as a result our program has fast become a model that is studied and adapted by other territories and provinces.

The future of the Community Justice program is bright, and together through the sharing of ideas, thoughts, methods and best practices I am confident our approach will remain as a strong alternative to the formal justice.

Marsi Cho!

Submitted By: Faye Aviugana, Community Justice Coordinator

Deninoo Community Council / Recreation Dept.

On Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday at 5:00pm in the Deninu School Gym there will be indoor soccer for girls. Then on Monday, Wednesday and Friday there will be Badminton for teams at 5:00pm and Saturday and Sunday at 3:00pm. Just a reminder that you will need to bring indoor shoes.

Rae Edzo was host to the Scott McAdam Memorial Badminton Tournament on November 21. 23, 2003. It looks as though our youth have brought home a number of trophies.

Congratulations to all the youth who participated!
Camoren Sayine, Alroy Sanderson, Glen Collins, David Cardinal, Todd Sayine, Amber Mandeville, Kristen Fabien and Kyle McLean.

Deninoo Community Council has an Employment Opportunity for the position of Facility Maintainer. This is a part time position to March 31, 2004. Applicants require a recognized certificate as a certified Housing Maintainer. Equivalencies will be considered. Class 5 Drivers License required and also some knowledge of computers will be an asset. Please submit resume before November 28, 2003@ 2:00pm and address it to the Chairperson of Deninoo Community Council.

Chipewyan Language Working Group

The Chipewyan Language Advisory Committee is holding a meeting at the Lou Menez Chipewyan Language Resource Centre on December 17, 2003 @ 7:00pm. All advisory committee members are invited to attend.

Language is a way of life and a gift from the Creator to preserve for future generations. Our Dene language is still strong in the community amongst the adults and elders and needs to be taught to the youth. We need to make learning of the Dene language fun and interesting, so we can gain the interest of our youth and their energetic minds.

We as the Student Council appreciate what is being done for the language in our community. We encourage the Chipewyan Language Working Group to continue making a difference in peoples. lives with the knowledge of our most precious resource our Dene Culture. With the knowledge of our ancestors we are sure to make clear and respectful decisions of the future of our Dene Culture and for the future of the youth.

graphic: poinsettia bloom Language is a way of life and a gift from the Creator to preserve for future generations

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