Overview of the Tool

This is a support document to help people plan and develop their programs, and at the same time, assess and improve their own practice. We have tried to design this self-assessment tool to fit a range of situations and a range of roles. We believe that much of the information in this document can apply to all ALBE programs, whether community-based or campusbased, whether at a fundamental or more advanced level. It applies broadly to programs, rather than to individual courses. We recognize, however, that not everything will apply to everyone, and that campus programs or advanced level programs may have less opportunity for flexibility.

Nor is it only for instructors or adult educators to use. It looks at best practices from a variety of perspectives so everyone with a part in ALBE programs—instructors, chairs, program planners, funders, etc.—can find something in the document that applies to them.

We recognize that the ways in which people use the tool will vary from person to person, and from program to program. However, we highly recommend that, wherever possible, all those involved with the program complete the self-assessment tool together in a participatory way. This might include one or more adult educators, one or more interested learners, a regional coordinator, a Board member (where appropriate) and one or more community members.

Altogether, there are 17 sections or themes. In each section, you will find a best practice statement, several key elements and some indicators that you can check off. Each best practice statement is numbered and covers a different aspect of ALBE and literacy programming, such as Instruction or Program Administration. Each statement is followed by several key elements—major organizers that support the best practice statements. The key element has the same number as the best practice statement and a letter, e.g. 9A or 16C. The indicators consist of activities that support the key element, and ultimately the best practice. Each indicator has a Roman numeral and is followed by a check-off box. At the end of the section is a space for Reflections.