You may note some overlap among the indicators under different best practices. For example, in the one on Community and the one on Organizational Linkages and Partnerships, some of the indicators are quite similar. We reduced as much of the overlap as possible, but decided it was essential in some sections. We think you will find that the focus changes a little according to the different best practices.

Completing the Checklist

  1. Quickly scan the whole questionnaire to get an overall impression of it.
  2. Now focus on one best practice at a time.
  3. Read through the best practice statement. Then look at the key elements and supporting indicators.
  4. Put a checkmark beside the indicators that describe your program at present.
  5. If you choose “Other”, please specify.

Completing the Reflections Section

Once you have completed the checklist, you will come to a Reflections section for that particular best practice. This section will help you plan areas where you would like to improve.

Answer each of the three questions as fully as you can. Be realistic about what you might achieve for the following year.