Stories and Activities for English 110 and 120


It is hard to find relevant material for learners at the 110 and 120 levels. This resource provides eight stories that were either written by adult learners from the Hay River Learning Centre or used in adult literacy classes in the NWT. The stories that were written by adult learners were made into booklets and illustrated by local artists in the community.

The stories range from high 110 to low 120 level. Below is the Fry Readability scale for each story. Choose the stories that best suit your learners’ skills.

Title Author & Illustrator Fry Readability Scale
Fishing on Great Slave Lake Edwin Morin
Evelyn Tregidgo
One Winter Night Kelly Lafferty 3
Mr. Magoo’s First Trip Sandra Smallgeese
Karen Gelderman
Running Scared Cheryl Mabbit 3
A Night Without Television Helen Unka 3.5
Help for the Sick Evelyn Tregidgo 3
Drilling in the Oil Sands Evelyn Tregidgo 4.5
Moose Hunting Evelyn Tregidgo 3