Moose Hunting


This story was written by Evelyn Tregidgo, from Hay River. Evelyn was an adult literacy instructor for many years at the Hay River Learning Centre. She wrote this story specifically for the 110 and 120 levels. Its readability is Grade 3.

This story offers learners an opportunity to learn about moose hunting and do a variety of learning activities related to the story. This section first presents a list of four learning activities and the written text with an illustration of the story. The pages following the story give instructor notes and handouts for each activity, in the order of the list.

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Learning Activities

Instructor’s Notes Handouts Page #s
1) Prereading 1 Handout 180
2) New Words 4 Handouts 182
3) Understanding the Story 3 Handouts 189
4) Extended Learning Activities 3 Handouts 194