My Journey to the North

I made my first trip to the north in 1993. I always wanted to see the northern lights since I can remember. We journeyed from Edmonton to the Northwest Territories. While we were traveling, we got lost and ended up in Maidstone, Saskatchewan. We drove to a service station to ask for directions to go north. To make it worse, while we were there, we ended up on a one-way lane; so we made a U-turn in the ditch and headed back to Edmonton.

On our way back to Edmonton, we got struck by lightning, and the emergency brakes caught on fire. The flames were inside the car. We jumped out of the car and poured water all over to put the fire out.

drawing of an overhead view of a car driving down a road

We had only one hundred dollars between the two of us This money took us all the way to Little Buffalo River, where we ran out of gas. We slept in the car until a vehicle stopped and asked if we needed help, but he was going in the wrong direction. Just then, another vehicle came, and the driver let us use his mobile phone. Frank called his parents and told them we had run out of gas. His parents arrived, and Frank introduced me to them. We continued on our journey to Fort Resolution and stayed at my new in-laws’ home. We immediately went to bed to rest.

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