Back in 1930 before the snye closed, there was good fishing in the Fort Resolution bay. Usually in the first part of May, the Slave River water comes through there, and along with it comes the fish. Everyone from Fort Resolution used to go to Mission Island to make dry fish. The dry fish the people made there lasted all winter until the next spring.

The muskrat season usually began in the month of April and ended in May. The Delta was a good place for muskrats. Muskrat meat too was dried and you could keep it for months. When you needed to eat it, you could just soak it in water and then boil it with bacon and add potatoes. Boy, it tastes good like that!

Summer and early fall, people used to go to the delta to pick berries. Boy, there were lots of black currents and raspberries. We used to make jam with them so they didnít spoil. You boil the berries with sugar, and then you put them in a jar. Then fill it to the top with more sugar. You close the jar and make sure that it is closed tight. Then you leave the jam upside down, and thatís how you keep it till you use it.

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