Hunting Trip

My husband and I went on a spring hunt every year with our children for forty years. Sometimes we just stayed at Rocher River year around and returned to Fort Resolution at Christmas time or during the summer.

One time we were coming back to Fort Resolution after spring hunt. I was really scared because this was my first trip traveling on ice and water with dogs and canoe. We traveled with dogs on the ice and by boats on the water.

We were at our spring camp at Taltson River, and we decided to return to Fort Resolution. It was in the month of June. We loaded up our furs, meat, gear and the children; and away we went. We portaged to Rat River and stayed there for three days. Then we went on the Taltson River and headed to Rocher River because the river was flowing.

drawing of a caribou

We had a house at Rocher river; so when we got there, we unloaded all our gear, dogs, and all our fur. The kids went out to play, and work had to be done before our trip back to Fort Resolution.

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