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Chapter Thirteen: Back Home
Learning Activities

4 Handouts

Activity 1 - Vocabulary

rationalized plight akin exertion
scrutiny intrigued endeavours  

Learners read the sentences from the chapter on Handout 1. They write their own definition for each word and then use a dictionary to check their definitions. Then, they write another sentence for each word.

Activity 2 – Chapter Questions

Learners answer questions about the chapter. The questions are listed on Handout 2. Below are the questions and answers for the instructor.

Questions: p.146-147
  1. What role did Velma take on? Why? She became the mother to her younger siblings. Her mother was drinking too much and there was no one to take care of her younger siblings.

  2. How did the family's diet change? No more wild meat and unbalanced food from the grocery store that left them hungry and gaining weight.

  3. Velma's mother had a pattern each month. Describe her monthly pattern.

  4. What did Velma's mother do when she was drunk? She would bully the kids like her husband used to. She would fight and accuse them of stealing. She would cry about the past and threaten to throw them out.

Questions: p.148-149
  1. What happened when Velma's mother brought her street friends home? They would drink, fight, and mess up the house.

  2. When her mother was sober, how did Velma feel about her? How did she feel about her when she was drunk? She loved her. She hated her.