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Chapter Sixteen: Struggles
Learning Activities

3 Handouts

Activity 1 - Vocabulary

hypocrite squalor contemplated eccentric
subtle succumbed inconsolable recluse

Learners write a story using each of the vocabulary words above.

Activity 2 – Chapter Questions

Learners answer questions about the chapter. The questions are listed on Handout 2. Below are the questions and answers for the instructor.

Questions: p.176-177
  1. What did her brothers make in the fall? How big was it? A cabin at Neegoogwandah. 12 by 12 foot.

  2. What did her brothers shoot out of a season? A moose.

  3. Why was their mother unhappy and Velma worried? The fish and game wardens could get them in serious trouble for hunting out of season.

  4. What did Velma's mother devote her sober time to? Teaching her kids how to hunt, fish and survive.

  5. Velma says they started to feel the connection to the land and see their mother in a new light. Give examples.

  6. Why wouldn't Velma let her mom have the welfare checks? How did the postmaster help them? Because she would spend them on alcohol and they wouldn't have food. He would wait for Velma before he put the check in their mailbox.

  7. Why did Velma contemplate suicide? Why did she put the gun down? She was depressed about living in a town full of alcohol. She thought of her siblings and the shame.