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Epilogue and Review
Learning Activities

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Activity 1 – Epilogue Questions

  1. What is being lost each year? Elders who speak the language and understand the past.

  2. What is Velma's fear? That young people will never know the beauty of life that existed once upon a time, before the coming of drinking and drugs.

  3. Velma explains many reasons that are holding back her people. List and explain as many as you can.

    1. Early missionaries saying we aren't good being who we are.

    2. Leaders saying past ways are barbaric.

    3. Reluctant to move into the future with a healthy balance of old and new.

    4. Need to acknowledge we are proud of our past and want to own some of our past values. Get rid of feelings of shame for wanting to be Indians instead of cowboys.

    5. Unhealthy sense of nostalgia.

Activity 2 – Reflection and Journal Writing