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Learning Activities

4 Handouts

Activity 1 – Look at the Title

Ask learners what they think the book is about by looking at the title and front cover. List their responses on flipchart paper. Ask learners to check out the book by using Handout 1. Ask them to share their ideas and predictions.

Activity 2 – How to Read a Family Tree?

Ask learners to look at Velma's family tree and answer the questions on Handout 2.

Activity 3 – Draw Your Family Tree

Ask learners to draw their family tree using the outlines on Handout 3. They may need to ask their parents or grandparents information about their family in order to complete their family tree. Encourage them to find out as much as they can about their family history.

Activity 4 – Preface Questions

Ask learners to read the preface in Raising Ourselves on pages 12 and 13 and answer the questions on Handout 4 in groups.

Activity 5 – Agree/Disagree

Put up agree and disagree signs in the classroom. Read out the statements below and ask learners to decide if they agree with them or not. Ask them to stand by the sign they chose and discuss the topic with other learners.

Activity 6 – Writing Activity

The author states, “When you grow up in an environment of addiction, it is always your loved ones who cause you the greatest pain.” Ask learners to write a one page journal on what this statement means to them.