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Chapter Eleven: Turning Points
Learning Activities

3 Handouts

Activity 1 - Vocabulary

procrastinate audacious sheath conjure
morose ornery ire assuage

Learners match the definition with the word and then write a sentence for each word showing the meaning of the word.

Activity 2 – Chapter Questions

Learners answer questions about the chapter. The questions are listed on Handout 2. Below are the questions and answers for the instructor.

Questions: p.124-125
  1. Who came to visit in July, 1972? Cousin Kay, uncle Tim's daughter.

  2. Why did Velma say “I finally would meet the queen from the black-and-white glossy.” This was the only picture she had of her cousin, wearing a crown and looking so beautiful. She imagined that Kay was a queen from another land.

  3. What happened when Velma's father went to Fairbanks with Ruth? The doctor found a cyst that had to be removed surgically. He came home half-drunk with cases of whiskey.

Questions: p.126-127
  1. How old was Velma when the Social Security benefits arrived? Social Security in Canada is Income Support. 12

  2. What did Velma ask her father in a letter? To give her money to go to Fairbanks.

  3. What message did Velma's mother have for cousin Tim? His uncle is trying to kill himself with drink, we need your help.

  4. List all the things that shocked Velma in Fairbanks.

  5. Why didn't Velma deliver the message to uncle Tim? Because she was shy and she saw her father drinking most of her life.

  6. For months, the children had to be quiet while their dad was drunk. What did he threaten when they weren't quiet? To tie them to an oil drum and roll them down a hill.