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Canadians are not as active today as in the past. About 61% of adults aged 18 and older, that is more than half the population, are not active enough to maintain their health, compared with 79% in 19811. Many things people do today— watching TV, playing computer games, driving their cars— require less activity. Yet people need to be active to be healthy.

Active living is really a way of life, in which physical activity is an important and regular part of people’s daily lives. It includes just about anything, from housework to basketball. In 2000, Canadians said walking and gardening were their two favourite active living activities2.

People may be inactive for a variety of reasons—because:
  • they don’t like the idea of exercising—they think it’s hard
  • they think they don’t have enough time
  • they like watching TV, playing computer games, reading, or other activities that involve little movement
  • they feel healthy, and don’t think they need to be active
  • they get tired quickly
  • they’re overweight, and don’t think they can do it

Instructors can help people become more active by:
  • helping learners understand what active living is
  • helping them understand the health benefits of active living and the health risks of being inactive
  • helping them develop a plan to become more active
  • including physical activity regularly in their classrooms
  • providing them with sources of information on active living

1 Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, 2000 Physical Activity Monitor
2 As above

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