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Basic facts 1

What is active living?

Active living is really a way of life. It means you think physical activities are an important part of your daily life, and so you build them into your life on a regular basis.

imageIt includes every possible kind of physical activity. It may involve things you do by yourself, like walking to work, or things you do with other people, like snowshoeing with a friend. It may change with your age, or with the time of year. It can be casual, like chores around the house, or more organized, like playing on a sports team or taking an exercise class.

Each person is different. Think of a young child racing around the playground, or an elder imagewalking to the community hall— they’re different! You decide what you will do, based on what your body needs, what you like and what you’re good at. You may hate exercise classes. Fine! You don’t need to do that. You may love running dogs. Great! That’s a good activity for you. The important thing is to be active every day, doing something you like to do.

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