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About two-thirds of Canadian adults drink alcohol. Most people don’t drink often nor do they drink very much, and many don’t drink at all. However, the few people who do misuse alcohol can suffer serious problems that may affect:
  • their health
  • their family and friends
  • their school or their work

Many things influence people to drink alcohol:
  • the media—drinking may look glamorous, sexy or funny
  • adulthood—young people think it’s a sign of adulthood
  • family and community attitudes towards drinking— families and communities view drinking alcohol as acceptable, so young people model the behaviour of the adults around them
  • rebellion—to rebel against their parents
  • curiosity—young people want to know what it feels like
  • peer pressure—all their friends are drinking alcohol
  • escape—to escape from their emotional issues or other problems

Instructors can help learners decide about the use of alcohol in their lives by:
  • helping them understand why people drink alcohol
  • explaining the negative effects alcohol can have on their lives and the lives of their families
  • helping them develop strategies for saying ‘No’
  • providing them with sources of information about alcohol

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