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This unit is about alcohol. Before you begin to read the stories, think about the use of alcohol in your own life, or in the life of someone you know.
  1. Does alcohol play a part in your life? How much?

  2. When did you first come into contact with alcohol?

  3. If you (they) drink, why?

  4. Do you think you (they) ever drink too much?

  5. Do you think your (their) drinking affects your (their) life or the lives of your (their) family or friends?

  6. Do you know where to go for information about alcohol or for help to cope with alcohol?


Here are words or phrases you will need to know for this unit. Do you know them? If not, look them up in your dictionary and write the meaning down.

  • reality
  • FAS/ FAE
  • sober
  • alcohol
  • cool
  • suicide
  • legal
  • tempt
  • choice
  • alcoholic

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