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Most people love to eat. Some people have healthy diets, but many others may be eating food that is not very good for them.

When it comes to eating, people have to make choices. They may choose food that is not so good for them because:

  • the variety of food available in their community is limited (especially in small, isolated communities)
  • people may be living on a fixed income with a limited budget for food
  • some types of food, like fresh fruit and vegetables, may be expensive in their community
  • people may have changed from eating traditional foods to eating store-bought foods, and may not know what to buy or how to cook store-bought foods
  • they like the kinds of food that are not so good for them— this may be especially true of young people
  • they’re influenced by advertising
  • they don’t know what kinds of food are good for them or the effects of poor food choices on their health
  • they think eating healthy foods means they have to give up the foods they like
  • it’s easier to buy and eat fast food
  • they eat the kinds of food their mothers cooked for them

Instructors can help learners make healthy eating choices by:

  • discussing healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices
  • encouraging them to shop wisely to ensure healthy eating
  • providing healthy food in the classroom to encourage them to eat healthy foods
  • providing them with sources of information about healthy eating

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