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Basic facts 1

What is the relationship between health, eating and being active?

Healthy foods keep your body working well and give it energy. You burn off this energy when you are active. Eating healthy food and being active every day protects you from:
  • becoming overweight
  • heart disease
  • diabetes

Eating a healthy diet means eating the right number of servings from the four food groups every day:
  • milk and milk substitutes
  • meat, fish, birds and eggs and all edible parts
  • bannock, bread and cereal
  • fruit and vegetables

There are many different ways to be active. Choose something you like to do and do it everyday. Here are a few:
  • sports and exercise, sliding, snowshoeing
  • walking, climbing stairs
  • chopping wood, picking berries
  • housework, gardening, playing with your kids

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