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How Health Check is organized

We designed Health Check for a variety of settings. Anyone who works with people with lower level literacy skills can use it.

  • Adult educators
  • High school teachers
  • Community Health Representatives (CHRs) or nurses
  • Nutrition workers
  • Youth workers

There are eight units. Each unit includes:

  • a brief introduction for the instructor

  • learning objectives

  • a list of print, video and web-based resources suitable for both the instructor and the learners

  • a reflection at the beginning of the unit, based on the learners’ own experiences or thoughts on that health issue

  • a vocabulary list

  • two stories, followed by comprehension questions

  • reflection/discussion on the issues in the stories

  • a variety of learning activities related to the topic, with references to the appropriate basic fact sheet

  • a selection of basic fact sheets about the particular health issue

The idea is to start from the learners’ experiences and build on them.

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