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Using Health Check

Health Check is easy to use. You can use the units in any order. All the stories, activities and information are in clear language and easy to understand. The activities are easy to follow. Wherever possible, we have suggested ways in which learners can go out into the community to explore parts of each unit in its community context. We have also included all the resource materials you need for each activity—and the binder-format lets you photocopy whatever pages you want to use.

However, some topics in Health Check are sensitive in nature. Instructors need to create a comfortable environment for their learners. One way to do this is to develop some group agreements together as a class at the beginning of the program. These might include agreements about:

  • respecting other people’s opinions, even when they are different from your own

  • trusting each other

  • keeping things that the group discusses within the group

  • listening without interrupting

You may also want to make sure that learners can access counselling or other resources that can support them, if necessary. And since the topic of abuse is included, you should talk to a social worker about when and how to report disclosures of abuse.

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