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A compendium of ideas for instructors

Health Check contains a few selected activities for each unit. There are many other activities that will let you shape the materials to fit your learners in their own community. Here are a few general ideas:


All these units lend themselves to developing posters as part of public awareness campaigns. Let your learners choose one aspect of a health issue. Help them to understand they need a ‘catchy’ slogan, and also some artwork. You can display the posters in various places around the community:

  • the health centre

  • the drop-in centre

  • youth programs

  • alcohol programs

  • schools

  • the community learning centre

  • recreation centre

  • band or hamlet office


Many topics, such as smoking, are good for class and community surveys. For example, learners can find out how many people in a sample of one hundred smoke. They have to plan the questions they will ask, who they will ask, and how they will report back on the information.

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