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Why do people smoke4?

Everywhere around us people smoke. Even at –40OC, people stand outside having a smoke. Smoking is bad for people’s health—so why do they smoke? Here are a few reasons:

  • peer pressure—to be part of a group

  • addiction—once people start to smoke, it’s hard for them to stop because they are ‘hooked’ on tobacco

  • rebellion—to rebel against their parents—most parents don’t want their kids to smoke

  • for pleasure—they like it, so don’t really care what it does to them over time

  • to relieve stress—many people say smoking calms them down

  • to keep their weight down—many people, especially young women, think smoking will help them to control their weight

  • family and community attitudes and role models— other people in their family or in the community smoke

  • the media—smoking often looks glamorous on TV or in advertising

4 Adapted from Canadian Public Health Association, What the HEALTH!

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