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 This unit is about smoking. Before you begin to read the stories, think about smoking in your own life.


  • Have you ever tried smoking?

  • Why did you decide not to smoke? Or, why did you stop smoking?

  • How do you feel and what do you do if someone beside you lights up?

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  • When did you first start smoking? Why?

  • Have you ever tried to quit smoking?

  • Were you successful?

  • How do you think smoking affects your life or the lives of your family or friends?

  • Do you know where to get support if you want to quit smoking?


 Here are words or phrases you will need to know for this unit. Do you know them? If not, look them up in your dictionary and write the meaning down

  • choked
  • ID
  • source
  • minors
  • infection
  • a fine
  • nervous
  • cancer
  • pregnant
  • second-hand smoke

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