Appendix 1: Internet Resources

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Appendix 1: Internet Resources

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre

Yellowknife Fort Journal
A birch bark journal kept by a fur trader in 1802.

Deline/ Fort Franklin
A fort established by Franklin in 1825

Dogrib Tea Dance
Original recordings, made in 1962, can be heard in our online exhibit

Caribou Skin Lodge Project
Find out about the Caribou Skin Lodge Project, a story which began over a century ago

Photos Online
The NWT Archives photographic database currently has 20,000 images. The database displays low-resolution versions of images along with information about them. Prints and high-resolution digital files may be ordered using the Order button on the search results pages. A detailed price list and ordering instructions are available. These on-line images are intended for reference use and the quality is limited for technical reasons.

One of the reasons for developing this database was for use in the schools in the NWT. Additional information on how schools can access our photographs is available here.