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What is the Idaa Trail?

The Idaa Trail is a traditional route that the Dogrib people traveled from Great Slave Lake to Great Bear Lake. The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre has developed an online learning resource called Lessons from the Land. This interactive site allows you to travel the Idaa Trail and learn more about the traditions and culture of the Dogrib people. You will find the trail at

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There are two ways you can travel the Idaa Trail. You can click on the ‘Hey, Kids’ button at the right to travel the Idaa Trail with a Dogrib family in an illustrated online story. This part of the site can be used with adult literacy learners or younger visitors. You will travel with Dogrib elders as they take their three grandchildren on a summer canoe trip up the Idaa Trail. You will stop at important cultural and historic sites along the Idaa Trail and learn about such things as making birch bark canoes, the fur trade, legends, customs, and traditional medicine.