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Online Teacher’s Guide

The NWT Literacy Council developed learning activities for adult learners for the online Teacher’s Guide. The activities for each site are linked with the Adult Literacy and Basic Education (ALBE) curriculum and cover learning outcomes in social studies, science, and English at the 110 and 120 levels. They can be downloaded from

Using this Study Guide

You can use the activities and assignment suggestions in this study guide as written assignments or open discussions.

If you have a learner with literacy levels at the early stages, it is recommended that the learner’s answers to the assignments be written down for them in the space provided and then reviewed to make sure it is the answer the learner wanted.

The assignments have been designed so that they can be photocopied and handed out as assignments or used for informal group discussion.

The Idaa Trail takes learners on a traditional trail used by the Dogrib people. You can use the ideas and have learners research and investigate traditional trails in their region of the country.

It is important to draw on learners’ experiences and the experiences of the Elders in the community.