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I Remember Hunting a Polar Bear

So me and my Dad went caribou hunting. We caught a big caribou and it was a nice one. We had seen some polar bear tracks and some grizzly bear tracks. It was scary hunting and it was summertime. We had a boat and we traveled by boat. We bought lots of gas.

So this story about how much me and my Dad liked hunting and traveling by boat in the summer and Ski Doo in the winter.  We have also traveled far in the helicopter. So me and my Dad used to go polar bear hunting in the winter time. It was cold and we had to dress warmly.

So we traveled by Ski Doo and we had to buy some gas. We bought 45 gallons and 5 gallons. It took us 250 or 200 miles. There was a lot of snow and blowing snow. It was scary. My Dad got scared and I got scared. It took us two days to get up there to the cabin, and it kept us warm.

So my Dad caught a 9 foot male polar bear and I caught a 6 foot female polar bear. This was in the seventies. Polar bear feet are good to eat when you boil them in a pot.

So we were happy to go back and we traveled back home. We had lots of gas.

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