Reading and Comprehension
Learning Activity 5

Three handouts

5-1: Read, Rate, Reread

Assign learners the story to read. Ask them to rate their understanding of their reading on a scale of 1 to 10. Also, ask them to list any questions they have about their reading. Explain that questions may be about what happened, vocabulary, motivation, or anything else that seems unclear. They can use the handout as a guide for this activity.

Ask learners to read the story and rate their understanding again. Have them indicate which earlier questions they can now answer.

Ask learners to work in groups of two or three to discuss any unanswered questions they have. Learners who answer the questions should indicate the portion of the text that led them to their answer. The groups should list any questions they are still unable to answer.

Ask learners to read the story for a third time and rate their understanding one last time. Discuss any remaining questions with the entire class.

5-2: Retelling Guide

Learners use the handout as a guide to retell the story in their own words. This will help them understand the story and show comprehension.

5-3: Thinking about the Story

Learners answered questions about the story earlier. The questions in this section are considered think and search questions and making inferences. The answers might be obscured in the text or may not be in the text. Learners must rely on their own background information and what the author has written to answer some of the questions. Learners can work in pairs to answer these questions.