Writing Skills
Learning Activity 6

Two handouts

6-1: Different Perspectives

Discuss the different perspectives that people can have on a historical event or era. Talk about how the people of the North (Inuit) might have felt about the explorers.

Ask learners to put themselves in the role of an Inuit Elder during the Arctic exploration era. What did they worry about? How did they treat the strange men from lands far away?

Ask learners to write a story from the perspective of the Inuit peoples in the Arctic. Some ideas for writing are:

6-2: Historical Fiction

Talk about what historical fiction is. Ask learners to choose a topic given on the handout and write a short historical fiction story. Websites are given for each topic.

6-3: Writing Process

Give learners the writing process handouts to help them write their stories. Review the writing process together. Handouts include: