Learning Activity 7

Two handouts

7-1: The Franklin Expedition

Learners research the Franklin Expedition. They answer the questions listed on the handout. Several Internet sites are given as references.

  1. What was the purpose of the expedition? Chart the Northwest Passage and find a route to the Orient
  2. What were the names of the two ships that were on the Franklin expedition? HMS Erebus and HMS Terror
  3. When did the expedition leave England and how long was the expedition supposed to last? May 19, 1845, 3 years
  4. What date did Sir John Franklin die? June 11, 1847.
  5. How do we know the date Franklin died?. A document was found buried in a cairn on King William Island that stated Franklin died on June 11, 1847.
  6. What other evidence from the two ships was found? When was this found and where? In 1858 on King William Island there were bodies lying in the snow, decapitated skeletons, and a boat lashed to a sledge containing a great many impractical items including combs, slippers, and a copy of the novel The Vicar of Wakefield.
  7. Why do some people believe the crew went mad? Forensic evidence showed a high level of lead in the remains of the sailors. A symptom of lead poisoning is psychological illness. It is believed that the crew suffered from lead poisoning because of the lead solder used to seal the interior of the cans of food provided for the expedition.
  8. How many of the 129 officers and crew who were aboard the two ships survived? None.

7-2: Explorers in the North

Ask learners what a biography is. Ask them what sort of things they would expect to find out about a person’s life in a biography. Read the biography of Chief Dan George together.

Ask learners to choose an explorer listed on the handout or choose one of their own. They must research the explorer on the Internet and write a 300 word biography of them. They should categorize the information (such as childhood events, turning points, things he or she is famous for, etc.) They use a graphic organizer, such as a web, to organize this information.

Ask learners to: