Reading and Comprehension
Learning Activity 5

Three handouts

5-1: Mood

Give learners the handout and ask them what kind of mood they are in. Ask them to choose one of the ‘faces.’ Tell them -just like we have different moods – so do books, poems, stories, etc. Select a variety of visuals and written material to introduce learners to mood. Ask learners to decide what mood the author wanted to portray in the poem A Tundra Spring Day. For more practice in moods, have learners look at the following and describe the mood:

5-2: Sensory Image

Ask learners to read the poem again. Ask them to underline the descriptive words that make them picture the poem in their mind. Ask them to draw a picture of the poem.

5-3: Literary Devices

Learners read the definitions of the different literary devices on the handout and then they do the exercises on the handout.

5-4: Personification

Personification is when an author gives animals or objects human qualities. Learners read the handout about personification and then pick out the personification in the poem. They also personify the sentences given by changing the words in parentheses to words that would describe a human's action.