Learning Activity 7

Two handouts

7-1: Readers Theatre

Learners work in groups of 3 to 4 for this project. They will pick a topic and then research it and choose 10 poems that are about that topic. The topic could be any of the following:

Beauty, Truth, Justice, Oppression, Family, Friendship, Seasons or Holidays, Future, Community Life, Nature, Romance, Broken Hearts, Music, Anger, Hope and Faith, Sports, Childhood, Old Age, Growing Up, Innocence, Death, Birth, Heroism, Courage, Fear, School Days, Memories, Loneliness and Solitude, Food, Parents, Fate and Destiny, Travel, Greed and Materialism, Animals, Weather, The Land

Learners will present their poems and ideas to the class by reading the poems with expression or by acting them out. They will also discuss the poem and what it means. The guidelines to the project are on the handout.

7-2: Ocean Poetry

Learners search the Internet for a topic on oceans. They choose a topic and write down important information about that topic. They use this information to write a limerick and a cinquain poem. Details about these types of poems and examples are on the handout. Then students share their poems with their class. Next they write a 300 word information sheet about their chosen topic.

7-3: Songs

Ask learners to bring in their favourite songs, with lyrics if possible. Have them present their song to the class and tell the following:

7-4: Song Project Footnote 15

Learners choose three songs to study. They follow the instructions below for this project:

  1. Copy down the words to at least 3 songs.
  2. Label the examples of literary devices found in each song (see list). You must have at least three for each song.
  3. Write a paragraph (50 words) explaining the theme and/or purpose of the song.
  4. Write your own poem for each song describing how you feel about the song.
  5. Make/decorate cover and back cover to create a booklet.

Literary Devices: alliteration, hyperbole, metaphor, personification, imagery, onomatopoeia, simile

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