Fascinating Myths of the Inuit

By Elizabeth Lyall, Taloyoak

This text is from the first Northern Writes, Entries from the 1992 NWT Writing Contest. The writer gives examples of different myths that her culture believes. These myths are very much like traditional sayings. The author finds these myths fascinating and wants to share them with other people. She has a dream to write down all the myths in her culture and publish a book.

This text offers an opportunity to encourage learners to explore myths and traditional sayings in their community and culture. Fascinating Myths of the Inuit provides some interesting reading and discussion about the old days and what people believe now and then.

This section presents a list of seven learning activities and the written text. The pages following the written text give instructor notes and handouts for each activity, in the order on the list. At the end of the section are useful resources and websites about the topic.

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