Writing Skills
Learning Activity 5

Three handouts

5-1: Freewriting

Freewriting is fun and entertaining for learners. Give learners a topic or statement and ask them to write for 5-10 minutes non-stop. Tell learners to keep on writing even if nothing specific comes to mind. Generating ideas is what is important, not the grammar or the spelling. After learners have finished freewriting ask them to read over what they have written and highlight the most prominent and interesting ideas. Learners can use these ideas for a writing project. A list of freewriting ideas are on the handout that follows.

5-2: Paragraph Writing

Good paragraph writing is essential to all writing activities. Learners need to have a good base in order to write different kinds of paragraphs and multi-paragraphs. Learners read the paragraph on the handout and then do the following:

5-3: Expository Paragraph (Stating Opinions)

Ask learners to write an expository paragraph stating their opinions about myths.