The NWT Literacy Council hosted a northern writing contest from 1992 – 2002 called the Northern Writes Writing Contest. This Study Guide offers learning activities for 4 stories from the writing contest.

Story #1:

A Tundra Spring Day
By Susan Webster
1997 NWT Writing Contest

Story #2:

Fascinating Myths of the Inuit
By Elizabeth Lyall
1992 NWT Writing Contest

Story #3:

As Are We All
By Chris Gamble
1999 NWT Writing Contest

Story #4:

By Maureen A. Johnston
1995 NWT Writing Contest

We chose these four stories because they offer different stories and learning opportunities for adult learners. It is important that adult learners have stories and poems to read that reflect life in the North. Each story has a range of learning activities that can be used in adult upgrading programs. Activities range from 110 – 130 and can be used across the curriculum.