The NWT Literacy Council hosted a northern writing contest from 1992 – 2002 called the Northern Writes Writing Contest. This Study Guide offers learning activities for 4 stories from the writing contest.

Story #1

I Remember
By Charles Furlong
1999 NWT Writing Contest

Story #2

Me and Luf
By Richard Van Camp
1993 NWT Writing Contest

Story #3

Mabel’s Story
By Frederick A Lepine
1996 NWT Writing Contest

Story #4

Spirit of Illness
By Linda Shott
2001 NWT Writing Contest

We chose these four stories because they reflect the culture and traditions of the North. It is important that adult learners have stories to read that reflect their own life experiences. Each story has a range of learning activities that can be used in adult upgrading programs. Activities range from 110 – 130 and can be used across the curriculum.