Spirit of Illness

By Linda Shott, Fort Smith


This story is from Northern Writes 9, Entries from the 2001 NWT Writing Contest. Spirit of Illness is about alcoholism and what it takes to turn your life around. In the story, the narrator has an accident after a three-day drinking binge. Miraculously, he survives and receives a second chance at life.

This story offers a chance to explore issues of addictions and healthy choices. Learners express their own beliefs about faith and spirituality. Activities encourage learners to think about the effect of addictions on family and friends.

The first part of this section has a list of nine learning activities and the story. The following pages give instructor notes and handouts for each activity, in the order on the list. At the end of the section are useful resources and websites about the topic.

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Do the first activity, Website Research, before learners read the story. In this activity, learners focus on what they know before they read the story and what they learned from reading the story.