How to use the Study Guide

The Study Guide starts with two writing resources for adult learners.

Copy them and hand them out. Post them in the classroom. Review the writing process before learners begin a writing activity and encourage learners to use them.

The Study Guide has 4 sections - one for each of these stories that we chose from the Northern Writes Writing Contest:

  1. I Remember by Charles Furlong
  2. Me and Luf by Richard Van Camp
  3. Mabel's Story by Frederick A Lepine
  4. Spirit of Illness by Linda Shott

Each section includes the written text for the story and a list of learning activities. Each learning activity has separate instructor notes and handouts. We use the following symbols to show story text, instructor notes, and handouts.

written text symbol - folded newspaper image Written text for the story. Each story can be photocopied and given to learners to read. The stories range from 110 to 130 reading level.
Instructor notes symbol - light bulb with sun glasses on image Instructor notes give basic information about the purpose of different learning activities, and any necessary details about how to do them.
Handouts symbol - pencil writing on paper image Handouts are the pages you can copy for learners to use during the learning activities. Some activities have no handouts. Some have up to three.