Writing Process Guide

The writing process guide describes eight basic steps:

  1. Revise
  2. Edit
  3. Prepare Final Copy
  4. Print
  1. Plan
  2. Organize
  3. Draft
  4. Share
  1. Plan

    Think about what you want to write. Read. Talk to others. Brainstorm. Collect your ideas. Make a topic list. Choose a topic.

  2. Organize

    Make an outline, a mind map, or a web. What ideas go together? What order makes sense?

  3. Draft

    Write your thoughts down. Don’t worry too much about spelling or punctuation. Take your time. Read over what you’ve written to help you write more. Talk to someone if you get stuck.

  4. Share

    Read your writing out loud to someone. Ask for feedback: ‘How does this part sound?’ or, ‘Which sounds better, this or this?’ Talk to other students about grammar, spelling, etc.

    Take notes about any feedback you get.

    Give polite feedback to others.

  5. Revise

    Does the story make sense? Do the parts fit together? Are the transition words clear? Move parts of the text around. Add words or sentences. Take words out of sentences. Try different words.

  6. Edit

    Check grammar, spelling and punctuation.

  7. Prepare final copy

    Proofread and make changes.

  8. Print

    Use a word processor to make a final hard copy. Where possible, use a word processor to compose, revise, and publish.